Inclusion Statement

Permission Slip Conference and its associates (Sally Z, BeMoved, Aught) promote an inclusive environment where all members and speakers will, in part, be evaluated on their commitment to our mission of moving the world by bringing to life messages that promote a positive impact. We expect our members to provide support and encourage true community by treating all people with dignity and respect - regardless of their identity - especially to and with those who have a history of systemic discrimination. We are truth-tellers, thought leaders, and visionaries whose words can create new worlds. In this effort, we recognize that we have power - and so it’s our responsibility to use it thoughtfully. We know that if we want to move our audience - then we, too, need to be moved. To that end, we strive to live out our noblest callings and call our audiences to be their best selves, as well. In more legal lingo: we do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender/gender identity, ethnic origin, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, military status, or national origin. As we create this conference space for anyone who identifies as a female entrepreneur, we strive to be a welcoming and supportive community for all people - and live out our aspirational messages for a better world in the every day.